Greek Food in Waukegan

Have you been craving the rich and flavorful taste of Greek food? Then you’re in luck because, at George’s Gyro, we are dedicated to serving the best Greek food in Waukegan! From delicious gyros to quality burgers and so much more, George’s Gyro is sure to satisfy any craving.  We even offer freshly cut, made-to-order french fries, unlike any other restaurant in the area!

Greek Food at George's Gyros

Located in the heart of the Waukegan area, George’s Gyros is renowned for its fun atmosphere and menu packed with Greek favorites, American Classics, and even some fun twists! If you’re looking for a modern twist on the classic gyro or a new favorite, try our Texas BBQ or our Italian Gyro. You really can’t go wrong when you eat our Greek food in Waukegan.

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Delicious Eats

We offer everything from gyros to homemade burgers, fresh-cut fires, hot dogs, Italian beef, and plenty of tasty appetizers!

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High-Quality Greek Food in Waukegan

Greek cuisine is not only delicious but full of fun new opportunities and that’s why we like to create unique and fun new dishes for our customers to enjoy! We have been serving up delicious eats to the community of Waukegan since 2011 and our goal has always been to provide the best service possible.

We believe that the love we have for our community is what sets us apart from others. So stop by today and get a taste of our Greek food in Waukegan or contact us for more information! We can’t wait to serve you!